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Jelani Wray
Posted by Anonymous on Sun 25th Apr 2021 05:07
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  2. Website :
  4. Address : 503 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205
  6. Phone : +1 (718) 789-1111
  8. Jelani Wray is the owner of a well-known and popular restaurant called Wray’s Caribbean and Seafood Restaurant. His restaurant is in Brooklyn and remains open for business throughout the current pandemic. Jelani Wray wants the public to know that him and his team are taking extra precautions to remain open and stay sanitized. Specific precautions that they are taking include wearing gloves, social distancing, and individually sealing each dish. While their restaurant is not open for dine in services, they are on all the popular food delivery services including UberEats and Grubhub. Jelani Wray wants people to know that with delivery orders and food-to-go, they have developed a seamless process that keeps the food clean and safe and the workers in check and ready to go.

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