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Mitch Vanhille
Posted by Anonymous on Tue 29th Jun 2021 11:26
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  1. Website :
  3. Address : Singapore
  5. Mitch Vanhille of Singapore is proof that it is never too late to make a complete lifestyle change. After moving to Taiwan in 2013, he began endurance running to get in better physical shape that was needed to walk over the terrain. A few years into this hobby, Mitch Vanhille of Singapore decided to begin competing at 34 years old. He competed in numerous races including a 17 km trail race, a 50km ultradistance trail race, and a triathlon. His confidence in his training and abilities has led him to compete in ironman races around the world. Mitch Vanhille of Singapore recognizes the importance of a healthy diet, training, and having positive people around you in order to become a successful athlete.

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